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Important Information Regarding CupDepot

As some of you may have noticed if you shop on both of our websites, we’ve made some major changes to Many of you have asked for us to have all of our products on one website and we’ve heard you! We have moved all of our CupDepot products to LollicupStore.

What does this mean for you as CupDepot customers?

You can now find our complete line of Karat and Karat Earth products on Don’t worry; you’ll still receive free shipping on these items just like you did on CupDepot!

With this change, we will be discontinuing service for CupDepot. All new items will be added only to LollicupStore and all promotions will available only on However, you will see product names, descriptions, and images begin to change as we prepare for a brand new version of LollicupStore. We will be moving LollicupStore to the same platform that CupDepot is on but with a whole new shopping experience. will remain up and running UNTIL MID-OCTOBER. At this time it will re-direct to the brand new version of If you would like to begin using LollicupStore now, feel free to do so but please note this website will have a major revamp in the next month.

What is happening in October?

We are excited to announce that LollicupStore will be moving to the same platform as CupDepot in Mid-October. If you have yet to switch to LollicupStore because you do not like the current website, fear not because it is about to change for the better! Some of the features you can look forward to are better search functionality, being able to filter through products to find just what you want, a new rewards program, a more user-friendly checkout, and a fully responsive website that will be mobile friendly. This will also allow us to process orders faster with less delay in between the time you order and when your order is shipped out to you. Once this new site is launched, CupDepot will be gone and when you attempt to go to it will take you to the new LollicupStore instead.

Thank you for shopping with LollicupStore and CupDepot. We look forward to continuing to do business with you!

We are the manufacturer of Karat® and Karat® Earth paper and plastic beverage and foodservice products based in Chino, CA. carries Karat® disposable paper & plastic beverage & foodservice products, such as plastic cups, paper cups, dessert cups, food containers, cup lids, and other related food packaging products. As a subsidiary of Lollicup® USA Inc., we offer premium disposable products at a very competitive price. Our products are priced to make the purchase of paper and plastic cups more cost effective for you, our valued customer.

Karat® paper & plastic cups come in a variety of sizes with compatible lids, and are compatible with most major brands, such as Solo, IP, Dixie, and Sweetheart, allowing you to switch easily between brands. Our plastic cups are manufactured with PP or PET plastic, which is highly translucent and boasts of a high level of clarity. PET plastic cups are widely used in the specialty coffee, foodservice, and alcohol industries and can be used to serve juice, coffee, tea, beer, ice cream, and more. also offers affordable premium custom printing. Our short turn-around time means you'll receive and enjoy the benefits of customized plastic cups sooner than you will with other printers. We also provide assistance with graphic design, making the entire process worry-free! For more information, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at (800) 857-1988.

At, you no longer have to compromise quality for price. You can have your peace of mind knowing that you'll get the best deal for paper and plastic cup products. Whether you're looking for a coffee cup or beer cup, our website has everything you need to supply your restaurant, cafe, or coffee house. Explore our store to see the newest products and start shopping now for the greatest savings with our low shipping rates.

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